Tom Zunder was born in 1965 in Croydon, escaped to Yorkshire in 1967 and has been hunted by inter dimensional bounty hunters evers since. His most cunning exploit was the Great Arquillonaut Swindle of 1847, which involved a trout, four ladies of negotiable virtue, the head of a now defunct Royal Family and a bag of dilithium crystals.

In between his time travelling adventures and dimensional holidays Tom likes to pretend to be a logistician and academic, having used the steel, automotive, consultancy and academic careers as cover for his role as a transdimensional agent. His fellow core team disguise themselves as his wife Ann, his sons Matthew and Mike and his daughter Leesa. Some of them are a lot better at this than him.

If you are in danger and require the assistance of Tom then simply dial 4242 on the pan galactic Holo Web and he'll get back to you when he can... honest.

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