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The Zharaan Nomads

These surly brutish people are all of desert stock. They come from the southern part of Zathur, but are nomads descended from much more distant stock than the locals. Unlike the Tharux their skin tends to range from dark black to golden brown, with keen black eyes and strong hooked noses. They are a powerful, barrel chested people, heavily muscled, with well proportioned limbs. They are great survivalists; they have to be based on their harsh environment. Like the Tharux they to can display Zathurian characteristics, however the role of a child born with these features varies greatly, if the features lead to strength and increased survival then the child will live, some characteristics such as the ability to change skin colour will lead to the child being adopted by the shamans of the Zharaan Animist Tradition or Charndikur?. However weak children are left to die. The Zharaan have a natural affinity with the wilderness, they are uncomfortable in cities and towns. All Zharaan are trained to tame and herd the fearsome Khamul, a powerful armoured camelid that is indigenous to Zathuria. The Zharaan are ever restless, travelling about the Zharaghal as the grazing and the seasons lead them. Men and Women both have distinct, but equally important roles in Zharaan society, but both can become leaders. They hunt actively, wearing cured animal skins and living in animal skin shelters. They only come to the cities of the Tharux to trade their meat and skins for metal or if a Tharux leader is seeking their employ as mercenaries, for they are feared warriors renowned throughout Gwnethia. In times past the Zharaan made war against the Tharux?, now they live in a strange symbiotic truce, which was forged by the Zathurians. Each year the Zharaan are visited by a great floating obelisk?, a servant of the Zathurians?, it demands blood sacrifice, gives gifts of strange artefacts and takes special children to the Blessed and Gilded Cities of myth. The proclamations of the so called ‘Finger of the Gods’ have immediate and long last effects upon the culture of the Zharaan, and no war chieftain would work against them. Sometimes the obelisk is escorted by black angels? who enter the women’s huts and bestow their blessings, when this the birthing of ‘special children’? increases ten-fold.

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