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The Zathurians are an alien race, not native to Gwenthia. Their true origins are only known to themselves, but they are called the Children of the Moons' by many cultures. They are a xenophobic and agoraphobic race that dwell in sealed cities of great age and advanced technology. They have access to devices and knowledge far beyond the rest of Gwenthia; they are masters of science, and yet they seem to dwell in a state of arcane stasis, never progressing in their development.

Zathurian Charioteer

Initially three tribes of Zathurians arrived on Gwenthia, the Che'Nel, the Relask and the At-Hur. The Che'nel made their home in what is now modern day Parkhesh. The Relask were found beyond the northen land of Thuria, in what is now a vast icy wasteland. Finally the At-Hur made their home in modern day Zathuria. Several aeons after the first Zathurian colonisation, the Folerine Zathurians arrived and made thier homes beneath the seas.

It seems that the Zathurians mourn the loss of their ability to travel the heavens, and that is their only desire, to leave the world and return to their home. The Zathurians claim that when they came to Gwenthia all men were but primitives dwelling in trees. Zathurians used their science to upgrade them and educate them, until humans stood as equals with their masters (Their first attempt resulted in the Arboreals of Quatzadua. The "Renegade" Charioteer who became the first Tarazon was actually sent to see how the experiment was progressing).

The Zathurians talk of an idyllic period, known as the Era of Joy?, when the Zathurians and Humans worked together in harmony, and Gwenthia was filled with their combined wonders. However, humans tried to steal the secret of Star Walking and tried to touch the gods themselves. Their actions were a blasphemy and resulted in the Eighth Moon being murdered and cast from heaven. The Zathurians were forced to turn upon the humans is a bloody and holy war. Every piece of human technology was destroyed and men were cast back into the forest. Then the great city of men was destroyed by a heavenly bolt, and became the Aktalar Desert. Over the aeons the Zathurians have sought out the pieces of the Eighth Moon in an attempt to return his body to the heavens. They have never forgiven men for their treachery, but still enslave them as useful tools.

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