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Ah, gosh.. Is it 20xx with you?

I bet Gwenthia was started somewhere in 2004 or 2005, so we're about 16 years in! However time moves so much slower, and so it's been but a few moons.. [:-}]

The site is fairly robust, but no changes since 2012 basically..

Sadly gwenthia dot org has been seized, copied and use by malware scum, so avoid

Tom Aug 2021

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Straddling the equator, the continent of Thurian is bisected North to South by a great mountain chain called ??? rising to the height of the Himalayas of Earth. At the northern end of this chain lies the country of AurUrbis, which lies on an isthmus connecting it to the continent of Gwailan. West of AurUrbis lies the lands of the Zathur. South of AurUrbis the mountains rise further to the lofty hights of the the Meravae Plateau. Further south, they continue through the lands of the Nhi-Tual then on to Quatzadua where they form the High Pampas? before ending abruptly at the high souther cliffs, which contain The Falls of Cozar, considered to be one of the natural Wonders of the World. To the north east is the area known as Parkhesh which frames the Red Desert.

(I suggest we keep this to natural geography rather than people. I like it a lot that way, we could do with a simple 500 pixel wide map to complement it. More to come. Please add to it at your leisure folks!)

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