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In most Gwenthian cultures the Orbs are worshipped or recognised as gods.

In AurUrbis and amongst the worshippers of the Human Church of Gwenthia they are seen as the Moon Husbands of the Goddess Gwenthia. In Parkhesh they are known as the Seven Saints. The Seven False Gods of Nhi-Tual are seen by many as obviously related to the Orbs and the Churches of the Chain has promulgated a religion based on orb worship since the peak of Meravae dominance. Cromaigne religion, which is a complex mixture of Meravae and Hectaminist influences, talks of the Night Hag having seven children as well as the Goddess Gwenthia having seven Moon Husbands?. This echoes the early Octaminist Church which is the oldest moon religion in Gwenthia and worshipped all 8 of orbs before and after the Fall Of The Dark Orb

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