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The Second Octaminist Crusade

  • -3,100 years BP: Prince yrGael of Cromaigne leads the witchhunts against the last remnants of the Evening Culture. (The Second Octaminist Crusade). Cromaigne split into three kingdoms by KiMentas occupation force.)

The Second Octaminist Crusade was a direct consequence of AurUrban radical theology and the hatred of Prince yrGael of Cromaigne for Night Hag worshippers and all Octaminists. After the First Octaminist Crusade and the destruction of the Evening Culture, KiMentas priests turned their atention to the heart of the Meravae Empire where they suspected underground Night Hag cults and opposed the continued worship of the Eighth Orb by the established Octaminists. The debate over theology was still civilised, but when the powerful figure of yrGael of Spharain? presented himself at the Emperor's court, a militant force of Cromaignians was at the disposal of the revolutionaries.

Through the force of yrGael's personality and the political skills of the KiMentas priests, the Emperor called for a crusade against the internal enemies of the state, those who "worshypped darke cultes and evil goddes". The Knights of the Rose and the Haghunters moved against pockets of hag worship across the Empire, and often against members of the establihed religion that KiMentas priests could argue were heretics. The Second Crusade was fought in city streets, mountain strongholds, in torture chambers as well as in pitched battles and sieges against nobles who declared themselves good Octaminists but had been denounced as dark cultists.

For over 50 years the crusade rolled back and forth across the Empire, and as it did new groups emerged in positions of strength. Many converted to the Human Church of Gwenthia spread by Menerain? missionaries, and others to the Churches of the Chain, both seen as acceptable by the witchfinders. The Crusade ended as the radicalism of the priests came into conflict with the interests of the ruling class, who had settled their underlying political issues with their 'heretical' kindred and saw no need for further turmoil and chaos. As they re-asserted control and the decadence of the Empire re-emerged, yrGael sickened of the conflict and returned to Cromaigne, the second Crusade was over.

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