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At the far south of the Thurian continent lies Quatzadua.

The country is a juxtaposition of high mountains, steaming tropical jungles, high pampas and sub-tropical grass and wetland. Due to its high southern cliffs, along with its distance from the central hub of activity, the country lay largely undisturbed (and indeed ignored) until around 3,000 years ago. Occasional travellers from the nabouring lands of Nhi-Tual and Gara-Dien left their mark to a small degree but the high mountains and impenetrable Jungles thwarted further colonisation. That civilisation existed before this time is beyond question though, as ancient ruins abound within both the Western Jungles and along the Thexadin River?(Nhiaquat being a notable example) but who or what created them remains unanswered. It is thought (though not proved) that family groups of Arboreals did not have the level of technology required at the time and humans were too busy fighting for survival to have created such fetes.

Around three thousand years ago, rumours that Quatzads were worshiping The Earth God spread to the surrounding countries; carried by traders willing to travel to Taxica in the East and Pazzoxa in the West.

Shortly after this time the Shade race entered the picture. It is rumoured that they are the offspring of the first Tarazon, as their ability to change their skin-tone to match their background and vestigial signs of head-tendrils is reminiscent of the lords of Zathur.

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