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The Octaminist Church worships the full 8 Orbs and is one of the oldest religions in Gwenthia and Thurian in particular. Believed to have been purged in the Octaminist Crusades the religion is now found openly only in parts of Parkhesh. For a number of years rumours have escaped Durustan of the presence of an underground movement of Octaminist believers among some of the Doru - this is possibly linked to the Doru exiles who settled in the region now called Duresh in south east Parkhesh.

The Human Church of Gwenthia and the AurUrban Church of Gwenthia displaced the Octaminist faith in much of the Thurian sub-continent.

There is a mistaken belief that the Octaminist Church only worships the eighth orb. This is not true. Of all the churches it is the most holistic. It venerates the seven moons, the eighth moon, the five messengers and Gwenthia itself. In Parkhesh - all is the Invisible Lord and they just don't understand why the rest of the world can't see it. To Parkheshi, the eighth moon is still alive and well. It's material form is not present but it's spiritual form is still as potent if not more so. Octaminists see the Moons as a large squabbling family of siblings who sought to push one out of the nest (though see Gnosticism for a different take on this). Octaminists believe that the moons are both malign and benign, and sometimes those aspects are worshipped by the same people. The seven moons are associated with seven spirits with a more powerful eighth spirit (now free of it's body). The Five Messengers weave their way between the seven moons allowing the seven spirits to manifest on Gwenthia and to communicate with Gwenthians. Only the eighth moon does not require the Messengers to interact with Gwenthians. There is even a heretical group of Octaminsts who believe the Five Messengers ARE the Eigth Moon. In essence The Octaminist Church is close to a monothiestic religion but not in the same way as Terran monothiestic religions view the subject. The mystical teachings of the temple point out the monotheistic whole but the masses only understand the polytheistic religion of the 8 orbs, 5 messengers and Gwenthia.

To give a small insight into the world of Octaminism and how it affects the Parkheshi way of life let us look at the funerary rites of Parkhesh. Before seeing the dead off, Gwenthia is propitiated as she is responsible for the dead that fall on the Earth without cremation (though the Parkheshi see Gwenthia as being intertwined and married to Olakha). After that, Matikhot is propitiated so that the soul may not become part of the undead. Then Ralashon (the Flesh) is propitiated as the owner of all flesh and then blood of the diseased (even if clotted) is offered up to Bikhon (fauna and blood). Then Yakhmetra (Fire) is propitiated by burning the bodies in a funerary rite, Yakhmetra will burn away the impurity that flesh suffers so that the soul will only have the immortal 'flesh' - the soul present. Khalut (air) is propitiated so that the soul may pass through the air to the world beyond. Then Stakhat is propitiated to carry away the soul to the blessed after life. Finally the ashes are sprinkled on the Earth to propitiate Gwenthia, Olakha and Gibrash as the plants are sustained by animal life, and on water to propitiate Zim'a'al. Sailors and those that die at sea are careful to carry out substitute rites when they get to land as they have to bury the dead at sea. In these cases, they pray to Zim'a'al that she will let the soul pass on to Stakhat. Though, many is the fear of sailors that their soul will be trapped by Zim'a'al or their body reanimated by Matikhot in his war against Zim'a'al.

Each of the Spirits and Messengers are patrons to Orders and Guilds in Parkhesh. Some orders worship the Malign Aspects of the moon and are generally shunned, though human sacrifice does take place to propitiate the malign aspects so that their impact on society is minimal. Some believe this is not helping and in most of the City States, the malign aspects are not tolerated driving worship of the Malign Aspects to underground churches (this is the case in Khalesh - the region south of the Red Desert that seceded from Parkhesh who worship the benign aspects of the seven moons).

To illustrate the way that a God can be both Malign and Benign, let us look at the Eighth Orb. In his aspect as Matikhot, he is hated and reviled by all the gods. But as Olakha and his relation to Earth (some would say Gwenthia itself though it's generally accepted that Olakha is wedded to Gwenthia) he is accepted by the likes of Gibrash, Ralashon and Zim'a'al

For more on the Orbs and their relation to Magic refer to Parkheshi Sorcery

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