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Political entity, centred on the Meravae Plateau of central Thurian that dominated Thurian history between 7000BP and 2300BP, apparently run by the non-human (but distinctly humanoid) Meravae, a Forerunner people.

The bulk of the empires population seems to have been human, but scholars remain fierceley divided as to the exact relationship between the Meravae and the humans within the empire. Whilst the term "slave" is often used (and found in the few extant texts) it appears to be an old usage from a non-Meravae language.

The Empire was founded in prehistory as part of the ancient conflicts between the Ancients, the Forerunners and the Eighth Orb. It is said that 7000 years ago the Forerunnes rose again to challenge the Ancients, and that in response the Dark Orb called across the omniverse to Humans to aid him. On arrival the human magicians betrayed their summoner and sided with the Forerunners, and this alliance, which is believed to have beaten the Ancients, was to become the Meravae Empire.

Around 5000 years ago the three dominant cultures seem to have been the Zathurian arcologies, the Meravae Empire in Thurian and the Geneweavers in Gwailan. In this major conflict the Meravae seemed to have won, although no evidence suggest extensive domination or colonization of the northern continent.

Geographically the Empire included the Golden Isthmus where about 4000 years ago a new species emerged to build the nation that is AurUrbis. Around 5000 years ago the Tual are reported to have left to follow the Seven Stars, so we can assume that the lands of the Eastern Thurian were not part of the Empire. At some stage the lands which were to be Parkhesh were part of the Empire, certainly by the time of the Third Octaminist Crusade. It is not know if the lands that are now Quatzadua or Gara-Dien were ever formally or informally part of the Empire.

The religion of the Empire, certainly by by the fifth millenium BP, was Octaminist, given the known religous split between the Empire proper and the radical AurUrban Church of Gwenthia. To what extent these traditions continue in the practices of the ChurchesOfTheChain is unclear. The corrupt practices of the Evening Culture worshipping the Night Hag emerged in the Empire some 4,500 years ago. The cultists were expelled to settle Cromaigne, but according to the tales of Prince yrGael and the later two Octaminist Crusades would suggest that [[Dark Moon] worship was endemic in the society even if suppressed officially.

Equally problematic is the exact political structure and division of power within the empire. The emperor was Meravae and always from one bloodline: but the degree to which the Meravae, even at the height of the empire (for example during the war with the Geneweavers circa 5000BP) actually "ruled" is unclear. The overwhelming majority of persons identified from the scant archeological (and even scanter historical records) as actually 'doing' anything are humans "doing the will of the Emperor". And often those opposing the empire, such as Tual appear to have been human as well. Even in the twilight of the Empire, its most active agents appear to have been humans, albeit the Evening Culture was unqestionably Meravae in origin and some figures are clearly Meravae.

The Empire was riven by schism and rebellion from about 3,200 BP when the AurUrbis city states declared effective autonomy and began the First Octaminist Crusade to end the Evening Culture. This autonomy and growing power grew when Prince yrGael of Spharain? came to court in 3,100 BP and started a personal crusade against dark cultists with the active support of KiMentas priests. By 2,900 this has become outright rebellion with AurUrbis forces occupying Parkhesh and yrGael overthrowing the Emperor and tearing down all temples of the Octaminist Church. The society was in decline and by 2,250 BP with the Exodus of Slaves the Empire was a spent force.

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