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Ah, gosh.. Is it 20xx with you?

I bet Gwenthia was started somewhere in 2004 or 2005, so we're about 16 years in! However time moves so much slower, and so it's been but a few moons.. [:-}]

The site is fairly robust, but no changes since 2012 basically..

Sadly gwenthia dot org has been seized, copied and use by malware scum, so avoid

Tom Aug 2021

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An elite body of KiDelan men and women dedicated to rooting out and destroying dark cults across Thurian. It has it's headquarters in the city of Aeros in AurUrbis and is financed by church and state alike.

The Haghunters are feted as heroes and examplars of KiDelan prowess. Few believe the scornful tales of Parkheshi merchants who say that their reputation in other lands is far grimmer.

The current head of the Haghunters is Jan KiBellicos 'the Duellist, and his exploits in rooting out cultists in the Badlands is well known.

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