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Gara’dien was built upon the ruins of a much older civilization, and countless relics of that culture are still buried beneath the verdant soils of the grasslands and the inland desert. Scholars speculate that the desert has something to do with the fall of this culture. Also, the smaller Kitar Island has been taboo for centuries, and only within the past year have Exploration Teams been able to even get to it. Their findings have not been made public, but are rumoured to be gruesome.

Gara-Dien is located in the west of Thurian and bordered to the north by Zathuria, the east by Meravaenia, and to the south-east by Quatzadua which throughout most of Gwenthian history the region was known under the general title of Surlzmenland.

It is a lush, hilly and mountainous region, with extensive forests rising to the central heights, and fertile, grassy plains to the north and along the coast to the south. The grasslands are the home to the native quahti herbivores, who provide for many of the requirements of the noamd peoples' lifestyle. The islands of the Kitar peoples lie off-shore to the South and West, well beyond sight of the mainland of Thurian.

Further information can be found in Gara-Dien History, Gara-Dien Geography & Gara-Dien Cities.

The Harmonious Empire (as it is styled) is a mostly human nation bent on spreading its style of government, faith, and martial prowess to the entire known world. Each child brought up within the Empire is, at least in theory, taught that the Jade Path, the state religion and system of government, is as close to perfect as humans are able to get. As such, it is the Empire’s holy duty to the Lady of Doors? to spread her faith amongst the rest of the world, whether the people on the receiving end want it or not. The holy mission of educating the populace is performed by the famous Jade College from its massive headquarters in the capital city of Moorvia

True Gara’dien


True Gara’diens, that is, those descended from the original nomads inhabiting the Charrux-Ellys River Basin, are a wiry, tenacious people of olive skin and dark hair, and as such bear many similar features to the other peoples of the western Thurian interior. There are also strains of Gara’dien bloodlines that produce offspring with pale skin and smooth sandy hair. Such individuals are said to be destined to serve the Dark Moon. The peoples later incorporated into the Empire, from the coastlands, hills and mountains, are of a different hue, with distinctively flatter noses, dark brown skin and short curly black hair.

With a few exceptions all beings are encouraged to become citizens of the Empire, to learn the Gara-Dien language and to walk the Jade Path. Those who oppose the Empire’s destiny are at best misguided fools, or at worst mean-spirited folk who want to see humanity fail. Walking the Path is to live in Harmony with those around you, and it is only through Universal Harmony will the Lady allow the human race to spread to other parts of the cosmos. Such a system. of course, extends into the magical realm.

Not all the residents of Gara-Dien agree with this doctrine, however. The Kitar, resident on their island to the south, may have been conquered and colonised, but cling fiercely to their animist traditions. Likewise, the polytheistic traditional practices of the original nomadic inhabitants of Gara-Dien, disparagingly labelled the Old Faith, stubbornly remain to disturb the peace of the Harmonious Empire.

As befitting such a cosmopolitan place, the Harmonious Empire is home to countless religious faiths, cults, cabals, and political organisations, no matter what the 'official line' might claim.

Gara-Dien is home to one particular sentient non-human species, the Hash-Takk.

International Relations

Since the Harmonious Empire espouses views of ideological supremacy, to be spread by conquest if necessary, relations with other countries can be strained. However, the Empire also wishes to foster a feeling of unity and brotherhood with the other nations of the world. It welcomes foreign ambassadors to Moorvia, and does everything possible to show that all who accept the Harmony live happily.

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