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The Dark God, Devourer, Fallen One is worshipped and propitiated in part by dark and death cults and in part by the religions of Parkhesh.

A dark deity associated with the Eighth Orb is widely known in Thurian culture. His myth is that of a champion in the Sky, brought low by the cunning and hypocrisy of his seven brothers. Spurned and his home destroyed the Fallen One is gathering his forces and the fragments of his power and will drive the betrayers from the Sky and usher in a New World Order. In this new day the faithful will be rewarded and society will be made to see their greatness. Often known by many names, the cults that worship the Dark God usually teach nihilism and self improvement through the manipulation or domination of others. Some genuine dark cults have access to fragments of the fallen orb which they have wielded with great harm. Dark God cultists have an uneasy alliance with those of the Night Hag, representing a more male and embittered dogma to their followers. Both usually lead to depravity and wallowing in the blood of innocents.

It is said by the KiMentas that when the Devourer was cast down from the Sky he shattered into 47376 pieces, and that should people turn to sin again those 47376 pieces will come together and the Fallen One will rise again.

However the Parkheshi view this quite differently, seeing him as the The Invisible Lord. It's important to take note that the Parkheshi do not see the The Invisible Lord as evil. He is neutral with good and evil aspects and in many ways he embodies all of the seven other major gods and the minor spirits. He is the Over Lord, Olakha.

The Haghunters and the Knights Of The Rose are sworn enemies of all dark cultists. The Xatahople league of Quatzadua takes a very active interest in the Dark God, but whether for good or evil has yet to be seen.

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