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I bet Gwenthia was started somewhere in 2004 or 2005, so we're about 16 years in! However time moves so much slower, and so it's been but a few moons.. [:-}]

The site is fairly robust, but no changes since 2012 basically..

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Gwenthia has a sun that rises and sets as most solar bodies do, the sun is venerated by few Gwenthian cultures save the Iquari. Of more import to the peoples of the lands are the seven celestial bodies, known as many things but often Orbs or Moons. Seven can be seen clearly in the sky, and an eighth is believed to exist but to be dark. The Orbs follow no logical or cyclical pattern, appearing in the night and day skies with no rhyme or reason, despite the attempts of The Cult of Rathkul to record such. As the Orbs shine in the sky from some inner light, the days in Gwenthia shift in colour through the full spectrum of colours, a sight which seems normal to the people but would amaze any alien visitor.

The Orbs are the homes of gods, ancient and unfathomable, worshipped or at least known of in most Gwenthian cultures under various names and/or roles. There are in addition to the Orbs, there are also the Five Messengers in the sky. The Deities are known in Telbrin as Chain of Seven, in Parkhesh as the Seven Great Saints or Spirits, in AurUrbis as the Moon Husbands? and by the Human Church of Gwenthia as the Seven Gods Of The Moons. The Eighth Orb is Dark, its occupant cast down for his role as the Devourer, the bringer of the Void. The Dark God, Devourer, Fallen One is worshipped and propitiated across Gwenthia by many dark and death cults. Gwenthia itself is an Orb, some say, and the deity Gwenthia lives within. Some cultures state that Gwenthia is Mother to the others; some say they are aliens who stole her from her rightful home. The Seven, also known as the Chain of Seven are a recurring leitmotif in regional religion. The Eighth is widely known and feared (except in Parkhesh where the 8th Orb has temples for each of its benign and malign sides). Gwenthia is an Earth Mother in many cultures. There are other spirits, demons, extra planar beings that can be contacted, worshipped, propitiated, bound or bargained with. They can grant LESSER powers than the main gods.

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