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I bet Gwenthia was started somewhere in 2004 or 2005, so we're about 16 years in! However time moves so much slower, and so it's been but a few moons.. [:-}]

The site is fairly robust, but no changes since 2012 basically..

Sadly gwenthia dot org has been seized, copied and use by malware scum, so avoid

Tom Aug 2021

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The Charrux River (as it is known the Zathurians) or the Ellys River (as it is known to the peoples of Gara-Dien) runs from the heights of the Hash-Takk Marg on the borders of Gara-Dien and Quatzadua in the east to the city of Cardaraz? and the Great Sudeg Marsh in the west. It forms a natural, and surprisingly enduring boundary between Gara-Dien and Zathuria.

Perhaps more important, however, is the function that the river and the lands surrounding it served in the distant past as a highway for mass population movements, typified by the spread of the Tharux from the West to Nhi Tual? in the east, and their subsequent return trip westwards bearing the Night-Blind Plague.

Since that event, and the destruction of the Nilman Sea, the route has rather declined in importance, but still remains useful for the transport of goods to the sea, which is now the preferred method of distance travel for the majority of Gwenthians.

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