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AurUrbis sits on the Golden Isthmus that runs from the Gwenthian southern continent of Thurian up to the northern continent of Gwailan. The New Province of AurUrbis lies on the mainland of Gwailan. The isthmus is bisected North and South by the Mountains of Gold. To the West of the isthmus is the Konastorm Sea, to the East is the Sea of Brass.

The coasts of the Golden Isthmus are heavily cultivated and highly populated. The Mountains of Gold are cultivated in the foothills using terraces, designed to slow or prevent the rapid run-off of irrigation water. The land is formed into multiple terraces, giving a stepped appearance. Higher the landscape is alpine and sparsely populated save for in the City of Gwenth. In the North of AurUrbis, on the sub continent of Gwailan proper, the flat plain is densely wooded and populated by small settlements.

AurUrbis has a temperate coastal climate, warm in winter and humid in summer. Temperatures hover around 3-4 degrees Celcius in winter, with occasional snowfall, and rise to an average of 24-26 degrees Celcius in the summer. Autumn sees continued high temperatures combined with high rainfall, Spring is windy and temperatures rise progressively, averaging 12-15 degrees Celcius. The Mountains of Gold have an alpine climate. The New Province has similar weather on the coast, but harsher winters and hotter summer in the wooded hinterland.

AurUrbis is populated dominantly by two sentient species, one is the KiDelan (a human sub species) and the other is the KiMentas, a race whose origins are shrouded in mystery. In the Mountains of Gold live small communities of Lapithians who mine alongside small KiDelan groups and under the gaze of small schools of Iquari who roost in the highest peaks. In the New Province live non KiDelan humans known as ‘Mongrels’?. Most AurUrban cities have small ex patriate communities of other races and humans.

The populations breaks down roughly as: 90% KiDelan 5% Mongrel (New Province) 4% KiMentas 1% Others

The total population of AurUrbis is some 1 million people, with high urban populations but most living in intensively farmed agricultural villages.

AurUrbans speak Lidin, a fast language of many short words., although others are spoken in ports and foreigners quarters across the land.

AurUrbis is a political Federation in which city states run most affairs independently under the broad guidance of the Golden Council?, which sits in the City of Gwenth in the Mountains of Gold. The New Province is different in that it is ruled by the Council directly, with an administration and military forces dedicated to it.

The eight cities of AurUrbis are dedicated to the particular worship of each of the Seven Gods of the Moons, the Eighth (the City of Gwenth) to the worship of the Goddess Gwenthia herself. Every 64 Old Years one of the Seven Moon Cities is razed to the ground and then rebuilt. The city chosen is the winner of the most AurUrbis Octathlons? since the last Renewal. The design chosen is that of the KiMentas elected as the Most Considered at the Renewal Enclave.

AurUrbis society is focussed on the eight yearly Octathlons, competitions of great physical prowess where KiDelan compete in sport, martial arts, song, dance, and other physical activities. Those sent to the Octathlons are the prime of society and the city that wins gains stewardship of the Golden Council for the coming eight years.

Four cities hold to the Octathlon model that they hold bienniel contests based on the same model, with the winners taking office as the High Councillors of the city for the next two years. Three are ruled by High Councils composed from the Masters of the City Guilds, and one (Urthan) is a hereditary principality.

The cities of AurUrbis are:

There is a settlement in the New Province which some foreigners might call a city, it is not, to the AurUrbans there are 8 cities, there can never be any more. It is simply known as the New Settlement.

AurUrbis is a major manufactory state. It imports spices, furs, amber, timber, ivory, ores, silver, gold and other raw materials from across Gwenthia. In the cities are manufactured fine clothes, weapons, jewellery, luxury ceramics, cutlery, wines and spirits. AurUrbis merchants are some of the most cunning in the world, a KiMentas trader is usually competing with a sly Parkheshi merchant. Much of trade is seaborne and the nations of the seas compete in the Octaminist Clipper Race.

The main religion is the AurUrban Church of Gwenthia, a polytheistic faith that worships the Goddess Gwenthia and the Seven Gods of the Moons. Others exist, the Human Church of Gwenthia is tolerated amongst foreigners, the Chain of Seven? is accepted as a tale of the Seven Gods 'abroad'. All worship of the Dark God or the Night Hag is suppressed vigorously, and yet seems growing amongst KiDelan in the poorer and richer parts of society.

AurUrbis led the great Octaminist Crusade which destroyed the Evening Culture. Now the AurUrban state and church train and send forth the Haghunters, an elite body of men and women dedicated to rooting out and destroying dark cults across Thurian.

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