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The AurUrban Church of Gwenthia is a polytheistic faith that worships the Goddess Gwenthia as the inspiration that helped humans free themselves from the oppression of the Devourer after he had stolen the human race from their rightful home. They honour the Seven Orbs as the husbands of Gwenthia who aided the humans to free themselves. The faith is open, tolerant and welcoming to other species as children on the Seven, but keeps initiation and membership limited to pure bred humans and the KiMentas who serve Her. The Human Church of Gwenthia is a friendly schism.

AurUrbans are devout worshippers of Gwenthia as the Earth Mother. The KiMentas form the priesthood, the High Temple is both at and is the City of Gwenth in the Mountains of Gold. Within that each city favours one of the Seven Gods of the Moons as it's patron deity, and views it as the Husband God of Gwenth in that city, to AurUrbans all the Seven Gods are male.

Gwenthia has seven celestial bodies, known in AurUrbis as Moon Husbands. Seven can be seen clearly in the sky, and an eighth is believed to exist but to be dark. The Moon Husbands are the husbands of Gwenth, who freed humans from the evil Eighth Moon God. The Eighth Moon is Dark, its occupant cast down for his role as the Devourer, the bringer of the Void. The Dark God, Devourer, Fallen One is worshipped and propitiated only by dark and death cults. It is said by the KiMentas that when the Devourer was cast down from the Sky he shattered into 47376 pieces, and that should people turn to sin again those 47376 pieces will come together and the Fallen One will rise again.

The core catechism of AurUrban faith is: '' “We are the Lost, the Stolen, those brought to Gwenthia by the Fallen One and made to toil for It as slaves. We, who with the Seven, contacted the inneffable Goddess Gwenthia and drove the Devourer from the Heavens and freed human kind with the aid of the KiMentas who turned against the Devourer and drove him from the Sky.”''

The Church was the prime mover in the overthrow of the Octaminist Church and the Octaminist Crusades.

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