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Ah, gosh.. Is it 20xx with you?

I bet Gwenthia was started somewhere in 2004 or 2005, so we're about 16 years in! However time moves so much slower, and so it's been but a few moons.. [:-}]

The site is fairly robust, but no changes since 2012 basically..

Sadly gwenthia dot org has been seized, copied and use by malware scum, so avoid

Tom Aug 2021

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To avoid having seperate WikiWords for singular and plural terms, or for alternative spellings then we need to agree some terminology for the wiki. In Settings documents then you can break these rules, not here on the wiki.

So, avoid plurals, use 'the Firefox' rather than Firefoxes, if it can't avoided then create a hidden target link. To do this you type what you want preceded by where the link should go, thus: "Firefoxes". If you click here then it doesn't take you to a page for Firefoxes but for the Firefox! Edit the page to see how it is done..

Use agreed terminology, we need to have single terms for some things here. So I shall start a list and we need to keep adding to it as we go along. Feel free to sub edit both here and in the wiki as a whole..

It's Gwenthia, Gwenth is a city in AurUrbis, the descriptor is Gwenthian.

The sub continents are Thurian and Gwailan, not Gwaila, although it sounds nice and can be used but only with a hidden target link to Gwailan.

The land is AurUrbis, the citizens AurUrbans.

The land is Parkhesh, the citizens and are Parkheshi.

The land is Zathur, the species is Zathurian, or the Tharux.

The land is Durustan, a generic term for the citizens is Durustani, the individual species are the Doru and the Kastu.

Just to cause confusion the land is Gara-Dien, as are its citizens and its dominant language, but the individual is Gara'Dien, more properly to avoid undue confusion referred to as the Theurgist Gara'Dien. (I am open to correction on this, but the duplication already exists)

(please add your stuff here, set the standards for your setting)

It is the Eighth Orb. They can be called Orbs or Moons but the WikiWord must always go to Orbs.

The Dark God, Devourer, Fallen One has many names, but all link to the Dark God word.

It is Meravaenia when referring to the whole region: "Meravae Plateau" would also be acceptable, but it should be redirected (if that worked!)

The land is Telbrin (or Republic of Telbrin), the citizens Telbrini

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