The Charter needs to be accepted by all Design Mechanism members. It's not to be a pain in the arse jobsworth but so if we publish this we have a clear understanding of on what basis we can make decisions! Tom

The Charter of the Design Mechanism.

0: The Gwenthia project is all material created from or derived from the original Gwenthia idea and overview document written by Tom Zunder.

1: This work (the entire Gwenthia project) is licenced under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike License. To view a copy of this license, visit or send a letter to Creative Commons, 559 Nathan Abbott Way, Stanford, California 94305, USA. This means anyone can use the material we produce in a non commercial way providing that they credit the authors and also licence their material using the same licence.

2: Authorship of material is defined by the stated author stated on or in the material and the authors of material from which the material was derived. If it is unclear or unreasonable to define the authorship then it shall be assumed to be the Design Mechanism members at the time of publication.

3: All commercial exploitation of the Gwenthia project is only to proceed on the basis of the agreement of the authors of that work. Where work is defined as being authored solely by the Design Mechanism then a simple majority of members that choose to vote at the time of publication may make that decision.

4: Membership of the Design Mechanism is held by Tom Zunder and is stated on this wiki, and also in a document held at

5: Members may be admitted to the Design Mechanism by a simple majority of members who choose to vote in whatever forum is appropriate. (see 7.)

6: Members may not be excluded from the Design Mechanism. (but see 7.)

7: Members are responsible for maintaining links with the Design Mechanism. If contact is lost then the member is assumed to have chosen to not vote or participate.

8: If Tom Zunder should cease to be in contact with the other members of the Design Mechansim then a vote of members shall elect a replacement. Admin rights to the wiki shall be lodged with Lawrence Whitaker against such an eventuality.

9: In editing work the members of the Design Mechanism shall respect each other's areas of influence and authorship. It is acceptable to add to another's work, it acceptable to edit anther's work for grammar, clarity or consistency. It is only acceptable to delete an idea, concept or piece of work entirely after discussion. If necessary a simple majority of members who choose to vote may decide on such a matter.

10: Acceptance of the Charter is required to be a member of the Design Mechanism. This shall be in the form of a written communication to Tom Zunder.

11: This agreement is subject the Laws and Courts of England.

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